The new Deadcameras XL Strap

by Ricardo Silva

The Deadcameras XL strap is all about comfort because its for large and heavy cameras.

The "XL" strap & the Nikon D750

The “XL” strap & the Nikon D750, click here to buy.

For comfort, natural leather is the best known material. Not only is it similar to our own skin, but also absorbs sweat and doest´t wear off easily. That is great but the drawback is that it can be slippery.
On the other hand, the strap that comes bundled with any DSLR is hard to beat at providing a good grip to the shoulder but of course, it is not so good for the neck due to its harsh artificial materials, the same that provide the grip.
So our main goal here was to make the strap with leather for comfort, and at the same time achieve the expected grip needed to keep the strap in place.
This of course brought to the design a lot of hard issues to solve within the design, making it a R&D time consuming nightmare. But fortunately, to solve such dilema, we got inspired by an old design from the 50’s…

Volvo 122
On the photo above one can see the interior of the Volvo 122, not only it had a major innovation called the three-point seat belt, but the seat at some point came with ribbed upholstery, to keep the passenger in place during the seat belt actuation.

Deadcameras XL Strap Nikon D750-1

Deadcameras XL Strap Nikon D750-3

Deadcameras XL Strap Nikon D750-2
So, no need to say that the XL strap is ribbed on the shoulder pad for the same reason, to provide grip to maintain it steady. At the same time, the 2 beams within the pad distribute the weight of the camera more evenly to the body. Nice.

Deadcameras XL Strap-8
But there’s more to the design, if we look closer, there are no sharp edges to be found on the neck/shoulder pad, and all the sewing is recessed on the central channel, so it won’t touch and hurt your skin. This is a major advantage over OEM SLR straps with their usual sharp edges and harsh sewing.

See below how the XL strap is a step forward over the tradicional DSLR strap:

Detail OEM

Detail deadcameras

Last but not least,  the pad is made of calfskin, the most lightweight, flexible and yet durable leather, with a surface grain very alike to our own skin texture. Also, natural leather is known for absorbing our sweat better while on regular straps, it becomes a major problem.

Several colors are available:

Deadcameras XL Strap Leica R8-32

Deadcameras XL Strap Pentax Spotmatic-25

Deadcameras XL Strap Mamiya 7-29


Deadcameras XL Strap Nikon D750-26

Deadcameras XL Strap Bronica ETRS-9

Optionally, the strap can come with connectors for cameras such as the Hasselblad, Pentax 67, Mamiya and others!

Deadcameras XL Strap-21

You can buy the new Deadcameras XL Strap and all the accessories as usual at our online shop.

If you’re searching for a comfortable strap. This is it!
Thanks for reading!